Since its foundation in Jakarta, PT. Sumber Karya Sentosa was established on May 2013. We are an Air-Conditioner Supplier and M/E (Mechanical Electrical) Contractor.
We have worked under our vision to earn the trust of our customers, not only in terms of services, but also in terms of quality and eficiency.
To establish a solid corporate standing, all of our employees have been working in concert to implement this management vision. As a result, we have achieved a reputation as one of the most advanced and competitive Air-Conditioner supply and install in Indonesia.
We will strive to remain a leader in the industry by continually improving our performance. We will also share the benefits of our integrated systems with our customers and take pride in our commitment to achieve customer satisfaction.
"To be the best M/E Contractor as quality & services are priority"
  • We collect some profesional people, highly dedicated, and respect the value of moral, integrity, and fairness.

  • We provide the technology and efficiency to serve customer satisfaction.

  • We contribute and reduce the global warming issue, to create and support environmental sustainability.
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